Michaela Medeck's story about the search for connection in middle school is hilarious and heart-breaking (in all the right ways). And its completely true except for 1 little white lie you will pick up on immediately.

Michaela Medeck is a freshman at Sayville High School in Sayville, NY. She has played clarinet for 7 years, and was recently accepted into the wind ensemble after auditioning for it. She shares a birthday with Pope Francis.

"Instead Of Move On, Move Forward': Tina Bakehouse, MA in (mostly) TRUE THINGS
Tina Bakehouse, MA teaches Communication Studies at Creighton University in Omaha, NE, and is an improviser and storyteller. 
"This Might Be The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship" Gregory Cave in (mostly) TRUE THINGS May 21, 2016
Gregory Cave is a Long Island comic and storyteller, who has performed in clubs and events on LI and at The Creek and Cave in NYC.
Ally Pelletier tells her story "Getting Into Drive" in the May 21, 2016 performance of (mostly) TRUE THINGS, at The Performing Arts Studio of NY, 224 E. Main St., Port Jefferson, NY. Everything is true except one tiny detail you can only understand if you watch the video: it wasn't a costume party.
Ally Pelletier is a junior at Sayville High School. She aspires to be a writer and passed her driver's test on the first try.