IMPROV RULES: Using Creative Experiences For Social-Emotional Development


IMPROV RULES: Using Creative Experiences For Social-Emotional Development


Wed May 10, 2017  1-5 pm at Simple Studios, 134 W 29th St.  2nd Floor, New York, NY   $75

This workshop is approved by NYS to provide 4 hours of Continuing Education for social workers, provider #0270

“Improvisation is teaching yourself new behavior, a new way to work, a new way to exist. As we incorporate the new stimuli and information from the improv activity, the activity itself mutates and recomposes in unknown directions. We trust our intuitive instincts to take us somewhere useful, interesting and challenging. We walk the tightrope of our own minds and hearts.”  Joseph Keefe, Founder of Second City

The improviser's toolkit is an approach to the present moment that is open, receptive and free of judgment, interpersonal skills for rapidly and effectively connecting with others, a way of thinking that leads to creative problem-solving, a depth of understanding of the dynamics of human interaction, and generosity of spirit. Emotional connection is central to good improvisation and to the success of the important mission that social workers and other professionals who work with people carry out every day. This workshop will explore how creative experiences designed using the rules of improvisation can be applied to the development of essential social-emotional skills. The rules and structures of improvisation are designed to cultivate positive emotional connections, creative thinking about challenges and the skills for coping with the unfamiliar and unpredictable aspects of change without shutting down. The techniques provide a creative pathway that engages with uncertainty and is one of the most effective methods for learning with full emotional and cognitive engagement.

You will learn:

How the fundamental rules of improvisation are the foundation of social-emotional development;

How social-emotional skills cultivated through the games and exercises used in improvisation are immediately transferable to real-life situations and problems;

How to apply the rules and structures of improvisation to therapeutic issues in both individual and group settings;

Emotional strengths gained through experiences of improvisation in supportive settings;

These workshops are extremely supportive, informative, energizing and fun. You can register online here or onsite the day of the workshop.  

INSTRUCTOR:  Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, MT is a writer, performer, trainer/consultant and creative arts psychotherapist who designs and facilitates arts-based professional and personal development workshops. Her Applied Improvisation workshops are attended by participants from the worlds of psychotherapy and counseling, education, business and medicine and provides creative wellness programs for large organizations in NY and around the country. She is host and creator of (mostly) TRUE THINGS, a live show featuring true stories - with a twist, original music and audience interaction. Her book - Possible Futures: Creative Thinking For The Speed of Life - and blogging explore the importance of creativity and relationship skills for success in the networked world. She is published in The International Journal of Arts In Psychotherapy Special Issue on HIV/AIDS and Special Issue on Addiction, Music Therapy Perspectives,and Recovery PressFollow her on

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