Reframing and Reimagining Anxiety Through Applied Improvisation

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Reframing and Reimagining Anxiety Through Applied Improvisation




Tuesday July 10, 2018 1-5 pm

Lifestage, Inc 496 Smithtown Bypass Suite 202 Smithtown, NY 11787

This training provides 4 Continuing Ed hours for social workers approved by NYS, provider #0270

Anxiety is increasingly an issue for people of all ages as the world changes at an ever-escalating pace and uncertainty is the new normal, creating a nearly constant learning curve for people of all ages. While anxiety is a natural and normal response to the unknown, it interferes with the ability to think, connect with other people and solve problems, which are the capacities we need the most when dealing with change and personal challenges. Cognitive reframing and the ability to retell a fear-based story into a narrative that reflects empowerment and strengthens resilience can be tools of transformation for clients and students and they can be learned. Improvisation training is highly effective for both reframing ideas, redirecting anxiety, and re-imagining one’s own personal story, which translates into a creative mind and skill set that promotes personal empowerment and psychological resilience.

Applied Improvisation uses games and exercises to demonstrate concepts and provide an experience that warms up the creative mindset and produces a positive social-emotional atmosphere conducive to learning. A good game produces tension similar to what a great story does. When we are fully engaged in the act of playing – just as when we are fully engaged in the unfolding of a story – we are okay with the fact that we do not know how things are going to turn out. When involved with this kind of activity, we are riding the same track that anxiety can take but aiming it in a new and different direction. The innate search for novelty and discovery engages the "reward" chemistry of the brain. The new neural patterns laid down by choosing the path of curiosity through improvisation trigger more of the brain chemistry of joy, so we can learn to tolerate the unfamiliar and have fun doing it. In this workshop you will:

Discuss the research showing the intersection between anxiety and curiosity in the brain;

Learn how improvisation games and creative experiences can be used to redirect anxiety to curiosity and creativity;

Learn techniques for reframing negative thoughts and mental patterns;

Learn techniques for re-telling personal narratives that focus on resilience and boost self-confidence;

Discuss research showing how creative experiences like improvisation and storytelling can reduce symptoms of anxiety as well as enhance sense of self and perspective-taking.

Trainer: Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, MT, Certified Practitioner of Applied Improvisat

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