Creative Problem-Solving Through Applied Improvisation

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Creative Problem-Solving Through Applied Improvisation


Creative Problem-Solving Through Applied Improvisation

Saturday June 10, 2017  1-5 pm                                                                          Lifestage, Inc  496 Smithtown Bypass  Suite 202  Smithtown, NY 11787


This course is approved by NYS as Continuing Education for social workers, provider #0270

Improvisation is one of the most fun and useful ways to develop communication and creative thinking skills that have real life applications to problem-solving. The skill set emphasizes interpersonal skills - listening, acceptance, receptivity to information without judgment, connection to others through good will and generosity of spirit  - and thinking skills that studies show promote the potential to look at problems in new ways and develop novel solutions to tough problems. The techniques and philosophy of the improvisation model teaches through experience how to promote these skills with clients to improve marriages, family life, success at work, strengthen partnerships of all kinds and improve organizational life.  


Learn the 5 core principles of communication in improvisation and how these translate into real-life situations;

Learn warm-up exercises that cultivate a supportive atmosphere in a group which enhances members' ability to take emotional and creative risks;

Learn Applied Improvisation techniques that can be used with couples and groups in treatment;

Discuss the elements of healthy relationships in life and parallels between these and the structure of improvisation;

Learn about the research establishing the power of creative experiences for social-emotional skill development;

INSTRUCTOR:  Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, MT is a consultant/trainer and writer/performer. She is President of Lifestage, Inc and host/creator of (mostly) TRUE THINGS, a show that features true stories - with a twist. She is an improviser and storyteller, completed The Pit-NYC Improvisation Training program, the Magnet Theater Musical Improv Training Program, and active in the Applied Improvisation Network, an international coalition of professionals using improvisation for training, learning, therapeutic and humanitarian goals. After 25 years in successful private practice she is now training professionals in human services full time in New York and around the country. Her blog Lives In Progress features handouts from workshops she designs and facilitates as well as articles about creativity in learning and change. She blogs for and is published in The International Journal Of Arts In Psychotherapy Special Issue on Addictions and Special Issue on HIV/AIDS, Music Therapy Perspectives, Recovery Press and numerous websites. She has been interviewed on these topics for Newsday, The New York Daily News, The LA Times, The Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune and Woman's Day.

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