Wired To Connect: Social-Emotional Learning Through Applied Improvisation Techniques

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experience changes the brain.jpg

Wired To Connect: Social-Emotional Learning Through Applied Improvisation Techniques


Thursday April 19, 2018  1-5 pm 

The Magnet Training Center, 22 W. 32nd St., 10th Floor, New York, NY

This training provides 4 Continuing Ed hours for social workers approved by NYS, provider #0270

Empathy, intuition, and other emotionally-driven social cues are integral to to learning and success, especially in today's world in which the ability to connect and communicate as well as adapt to an ever-changing and uncertain social climate are essential skills. Research shows that Social-Emotional Learning techniques sharpen cognitive abilities. enhance the capacity for collaboration while boosting achievement at school and work across the lifespan. Research also shows that social-emotional competencies learned through creative engagement can translate into improved interpersonal effectiveness and psychological resilience. Creative experiences in groups strengthen the social-emotional skills that students and clients need to learn to navigate the steep learning curves and challenges of the networked world, and adults need to cope and succeed in the face of twists, turns and complexities that life presents. The tools and techniques learned through Applied Improvisation games and exercises strengthen these social-emotional competencies, put them into action in real time and generate a positive, supportive emotional atmosphere that is conducive to problem-solving and creative thinking. You will learn:

Improv games and exercises that engage the social, emotional and creative brain;

The intersection between social-emotional skills and enhanced stress-resilience;

Information about the social-emotional nature of the brain;

Principles of Social-Emotional Learning for professionals working in teams;

Trainers: Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, MT, Certified Practitioner of Applied Improvisation

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