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Tell Me A Story Workshops



Great stories are always about some kind of transformation. A moment when everything in us wanted to give up but we found the strength to keep going. An experience that forced us to question our point of view, or one that forced us to dig deep and stand up for a cherished belief. When we tell a story, we share a piece of our soul and the experience can be life-changing. And storytelling is one of the most useful arts because there are so many opportunities to share personal accounts of important life experiences - in personal settings with friends and family, at a wedding, funeral or milestone of someone we love, or in professional situations in which we want our message to really sing – a meeting, presentation, or classroom. It is not the fastest-growing entertainment form today and maybe that is because of the power of emotional connection that it makes possible.

This workshop will explore how to choose story material and relevant details. Specific techniques for shaping a narrative, choosing details, using imagery, metaphor and humor will be examined. We will explore:

·         Techniques that help to mine true events for stories that have meaning for others;

·         The classic 5-part story structure and how to utilize it;

·         How to select specific details that engage the imagination of the listener and to structure them to maximize the power of the story;

·         How to embed facts and information into a story to use in education or training situations;

·         Finding the funny and integrating humor into a story;  

Instructor: Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP. MT is a consultant/trainer, writer/performer, creative arts therapist and host/creator of (mostly) TRUE THINGS, a storytelling show that features true stories - with a twist - tod by people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. She was interviewed about storytelling for the blog StoryStars (click here to read it) and for the internet radio show Morning Moments With Maia. She is President of Lifestage, Inc which designs and facilitates creative training, wellness programs and professional development for human service providers.

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