The Will and The Skill: Exploring The Process of Change Through Applied Improvisation


The Will and The Skill: Exploring The Process of Change Through Applied Improvisation


Saturday Dec. 2, 2017 1-5 pm 

Lifestage, Inc 496 Smithtown Bypass  Suite 202  Smithtown, NY 11787

This workshop is approved by NYS as Continuing Education for social workers, provider #0270

The process of change is a combination of will - the desire to stop behaviors that are harmful, to meet a cherished goal or adapt to a shifting circumstances beyond our own control - and the skills required to manage it. Skill development can be an ongoing dimension of the process, and are a way to foster the belief that we are capable of change, with all of its threats and challenges. The will to move toward the unknown can sometimes flow and at other times get stuck as old patterns persist and fear of the new and untried rises up. Applied Improvisation is a creative process that demonstrates the concept of willingness to change and development of skills that empower us to take action. We will discuss research into creative experiences that promote the change process and its ties to the philosophy and techniques of Applied Improvisation. 

Improvisational methods are shown to increase experiences of idea generation, heightened awareness or self and others and innovation.


Identify the links between direct experience and development of skills for navigating uncertainty;

Identify the ways that creative experiences in a supportive environment generate a climate for exploring the challenges of the change process;

Explore the ways that positive emotional experiences promote the willingness to embrace uncertainty and change;

Discuss the neuroscience that explains why change is difficult and how to design creative techniques that ease transitions;

Explore how to shift mindsets and thinking through creative experiences and apply this to real life scenarios.

INSTRUCTOR:  Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, MT is a writer, performer, trainer/consultant and creative arts psychotherapist who designs and facilitates arts-based professional and personal development workshops. Her Applied Improvisation workshops are attended by participants from the worlds of psychotherapy and counseling, education, business and medicine and provides creative wellness programs for large organizations in NY and around the country. She is host and creator of (mostly) TRUE THINGS, a live show featuring true stories - with a twist, original music and audience interaction. Her book - Possible Futures: Creative Thinking For The Speed of Life - and blog Lives In Progress explores the importance of creativity and relationship skills for success in the networked world. She is published in The International Journal of Arts In Psychotherapy Special Issue on HIV/AIDS and Special Issue on Addiction, Music Therapy Perspectives,and Recovery Press

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