In It Together: Using Applied Improvisation To Strengthen Social-Emotional Skills

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In It Together: Using Applied Improvisation To Strengthen Social-Emotional Skills


Saturday Jan. 13, 2018  1-5 pm at

Lifestage, Inc  496 Smithtown Bypass Suite 202, Smithtown, NY  11787

4 CE hours for social workers approved by NYS (Provider #0270)

The skills that produce successful improvisation are focused on the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with others under conditions of great uncertainty. In today's social environment, we need to have the capacity to learn as rapidly as the world is changing. The ability to listen closely, absorb another person's emotions, thoughts and attitudes in the moment, and respond in meaningful ways when under pressure - skills learned through the creative engagement that is improvisation - translates into improved interpersonal effectiveness and emotional resilience. Research shows that creative experiences in groups strengthen the social-emotional skills that students need to learn now as they prepare for the steep learning curves and challenges of the networked world, and adults need to cope and succeed in the face of twists, turns and complexities that life presents. The tools and techniques learned through Applied Improvisation games and exercises strengthen partnerships of all kinds, and generate a positive, supportive emotional atmosphere that is conducive to problem-solving and creative thinking. You will learn:

The fundamental structures of improvisation that built trust;

How to use improv exercises to reduce defensiveness in the classroom or group of any kind;

Techniques for enhancing communication skills that translate into stronger interpersonal bonds;

The principles of Social-Emotional Learning that apply to relationship-building through improvisation;

Trainers: Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, MT

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