What A Day Improv Class Series

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What A Day Improv Class Series


Saturday Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23 2019 4-7 pm

Lifestage, Inc 496 Smithtown Bypass Suite 202 Smithtown, NY 11787

What A Day is a 4-week training in an improvisation form that combines story, audience interaction and scene work. In this class we will learn about the elements of this form, practice the skills involved with implementing and prepare for a live performance. We will establish a deep sense of safety and unwavering support among the group members, learn how to craft strong initiations for scenes based on a story for source material and practice finding the most organic, honest emotional connections within each scene. Skills include:

Close listening

Skills that reduce self-consciousness and performance anxiety

Creating characters through relationship

Collaborating as a group

The results of learning these skills and implementing them in live improvisation is fascinating, often hilarious, and always compelling for both improvisers and audience members.

Instructor: Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, CPAI; Jude Treder-Wolff is in the Conservatory Program at The Magnet Training Center in NYC, completed the People Improv Theater training program and the Musical Improv Training Program at The Magnet Training Center. She is Certified Practitioner of Applied Improvisation and host/creator of (mostly) TRUE THINGS, a game wrapped in a storytelling show that combines story, improvisation and audience interaction.

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