Saturday October 20, 2018  7 pm at The Performing Arts Studio, 224 E. Main St., Port Jefferson, NY

Recent performances of This Isn't Helping include a sold out show at The Performing Arts Studio, 224 E. Main St. Port Jefferson, NY, and glowing reviews for shows at The Whitefire Solo Theater Festival in Sherman Oaks, CA, The Tank in NYC and the Speak Up! Rise Up! Storytelling Festival at the off-Broadway Connelly Theater in NYC. Check back here for updates about shows.  Sign up for email updates by writing to and put "subscribe" in the subject.

THIS ISN'T HELPING is a  solo storytelling show – with a side of music – written and performed by Jude Treder-Wolff is a true, comedic account of a long-time psychotherapist’s struggle against burn-out and the fascinating characters who thought they could help: The highly opinionated life coach, the evangelizing corporate trainer, the New Age healer who was either the most relaxed person you could ever meet or completely high. If you have ever found yourself so emotionally exhausted you could not do the thing you love the most, if you wonder whether what we do to make the world better really matters, this show just might help. This Isn’t Helping was selected for the 2017 Speak Up! Rise Up! Storytelling Festival and performed at the Off-Broadway Connelly Theater in NYC, The Whitefire Solo Theatre Festival in Sherman Oaks, CA, The Tank in NYC and The Performing Arts Studio in Port Jefferson. It features original songs written for the show by Jude Treder-Wolff and Wells Hanley.    

"Self-medicate with real-life therapist Jude Treder-Wolff! Expect the unexpected. And without the hourly rates!" The New York Daily News

"Uplifting, profound and ultimately very, very funny. I highly recommend that you spend a little time with Jude Treder-Wolff - The doctor is in!! “This isn’t Helping” is a voyage of mutual discovery, by Jude and the audience.  What she shares and how she shares it is what makes this show so special.  One woman on stage for over an hour talking about “feelings” this isn’t!  This is one woman on stage for over an hour being real and speaking, or sometimes singing, her truth and discovering the things we all search for - Why are we here? What do we need and how can we be better? NOHO ARTS DISTRICT WEBSITE  - Click here to read the review

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AUDIENCE REVIEWS: "I loved this show! Jude is alternately funny, snarky, serious and very honest. She is full of heart and I want to listen to her every word." Robin Bady, Producer "No, We Won't Shut Up" 2012 J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Award

"You know a piece of work is powerful when it evokes laughter, tears and engagement." Karen Solomon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Funny, insightful, and lovely! Singing that is like good wine and an evening of laughter!" Genie Wing, CET, BCD

"Jude Treder-Wolff is a fantastic storyteller. Don't miss this show!" Bob Brader, award-winning actor, writer, monologist,

"Funny, thoughtful, and poignant!" John Martin, Public Health Educator

"When Jude Treder-Wolff brings her impishness, kindness and total commitment to her performance - like when she sings out the big note or pauses to enjoy the laughs, it helps me get oxygen. I always feel like I've had a transfusion after her shows." Mary Mendes, Licensed Clinical Social Worke